New Moon Scorpio, October 25, 2022, Partial Solar Eclipse


“Who do you need, who do you love, [Who are you] when you come undone?” goes the song of Duran Duran (English new wave band)


Embracing the bravery of coming undone. Meeting the tender vulnerability of experiencing true intimacy – with oneself first, then – with the other! Basking in that feeling, rejoicing in it! Allowing this breathtakingly beautiful process of opening to your depths to unfold. Releasing the grasp of fear. Keeping its Highness (fear) at bay. No, not through denying or controlling it, but through honest heartfelt communication, as if fear was an old friend, whose noble purpose has been to keep you protected from pain. Yet, in its frantic strive for perfection, the fear has taken the task a bit too further, replacing your protection with isolation.


What is it with us showing our essence? Whether in a way of identity, values, thoughts, feelings, self-expression, everyday needs, or in our relationships, personal truth, integrity, with our friends and group affiliations, in relation to the Divine.


We always want to know more about a subject or an object that is dear to us. We learn details about them, we go in depths to understand them. We want to know their essence. The essence we refer to as heart. Intimacy involves a heart connection. Exchange of any other type missing the heart is not intimacy regardless of how close in proximity bodies can be. The heart is the core essence of who we are: all pieces included, none left behind. And the degree of intimate sharing mirrors the extent to which we account to every piece of inventory in our heart/soul. There is depth to intimacy. In its essence it is about letting in. The core is tender, its energy – refined; the darkness is darker and the brightness – brighter there. It’s our ultimate truth – the most precious jewel. It is easy to share a peripheral piece of ours and if it suffers rejection or loss, the pain is bearable and short lived.


The true treasure buried in our depths we only show to few. If broken or rejected by others, the pain is excruciating, the violation complete. We feel as if our core is shuttered, pieces of it lost, our life force weakens as if we were denied the right of existence. Who can survive such ordeal? This ancient, primordial fear of losing parts of ourselves, of disintegration due to nonacceptance. Where have we experienced this before…? The other name for acceptance is love.


How many parts of ourselves we have abandoned because someone or many have not accepted them, have not liked them. What mental constructs we have built in our heads and hearts to justify this self-inflicted massacre. How much energy we have wasted trying to connect through amputated limbs, frozen hearts and unauthenticity fearing rejection again? Can we find the pieces, can we bring them back? Can we restore our soul’s depth and authenticity?


The true intimacy starts with commitment (Juno) to and love ♀ (Venus) of our depths; with courage to go deep within. Bringing the rejected pieces together. Having the strength to experience the pain of re-membering their stories; to melt the ice and break the spell we have built around them in an automatic attempt to not feel and forget. Major adjustments need to be made to our reference point based on the existing believes we hold ♃ (Jupiter) about who we are and what constitutes our identity.


This is not an easy process. But would you rather stay in the elusive state of security ♉ that the isolation provides you with, comfortably detached ♒ from your core where warmth ♌ is replaced by control ♏in pursuit of predictability.  Warmth is needed for the survival of every living creature on earth. Eclipses are known as powerful vortexes of energy that catalyze rapid change. Can we navigate these energies? Yes, and the tool at hand is awareness. Look at your charts to see where the 2 – 3 degrees of Leo/Scorpio/Aquarius/Taurus fall – the areas of life triggered by this New Moon. The deep surge initiation will happen at the Scorpio point and will trigger the waves of change or deep reflection in the areas layered by the rest of the fixed signs noted above. The theme of reviewing past ways of referring to or mistreating our essence is extra emphasized as the South Node of the Moon is also in Scorpio with its ruler in Capricorn. The North Node in Taurus calls for bringing our power back by integrating and owning all our soul’s facets. The more awareness we bring to the table, the more precious the results of this transformative process will be.  And if you don’t recognize your dissociated pieces, look around you. What is it that you love to have or experience in your life, but consider it unattainable, or think you do not deserve? What is the belief you hold deep inside that keeps these things away from you? Where did the believe come from? Dig deep. Own the digging. Love the process and commit to it. There is no risk when recovering our essence is concerned.

  • Leo ♌ /Scorpio ♏ /Aquarius ♒ /Taurus ♉ – the grand fixed cross triggered by this partial solar eclipse New Moon from the sign of Scorpio with the major aspects: conjunction to Venus; trine to Juno; quincunx to Jupiter.

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