Regression (Deep Memory Process) Session

Any soul healing in its essence is a spiritual healing. If we examine what we call “spirit”, we will find out that spiritual healing aims at re-establishing our true direct connection with the Source of creation, which we have the tendency to call God. Naturally, that revived connection restores the energy flow between us. That triggers changes in our lives to accommodate this re-generation (energy flow) back into our daily living. Another name for this energy is consciousness. Consciousness cannot be extinguished as energy cannot be destroyed but can suffer fragmentation. Fragmentation dims our awareness and harnesses our focus of perception away from the energy flow. The diminished energy flow projects into different reality circumstances that keep us circling into a loop. Over prolonged periods of time that looping locks our consciousness into believing that this is the only reality that exists and hence – the only one possible.  Freeing ourselves from these mind-loop realities is the major focus of the regression work via the method of Deep Memory Process (DMP).


DMP is a present and past life regression work. It does not use hypnosis. It is rather a combination of different approaches to healing: Gestalt, Psychodrama, Spiritual Psychology, Shamanic Healing, the works of Freud, Reich, Jung, Erickson, Mindell. The method was created by Roger J. Woolger Ph.D. Oxford scholar and Jungian analyst in the mid 1980’s.

DMP maintains that the reality of the deep self is multidimensional. It acknowledges the energetic nature of our subtle bodies, besides the physical one. It also reveals how each of our energy bodies holds experiences, traumatic ones including, and carries them (in an attempt to heal) from one lifetime vector to the next as perceived through the illusion of chronological time. Since all time vectors exist within the field of creation, they are also connected with each other.

As a healing method DMP helps with recovering a vital memory/experience from present or past life that hangs in our field unprocessed and negatively influences our thriving in current life. Besides recovering of the memory, DMP work assists with its processing and integration. The processing of the memory on all body levels requires heightened awareness of all facets of the event: the body sensation, the feelings and emotions, the mental conceptualization, and the spiritual component in terms of derived meaning of the event. Only when we become aware of the experience through all these channels, we can correct any discrepancies or deficiencies of consciousness that have contributed to the manifestation of the event in the first place. As a result of reaching the thorough realization of what had happened and why, the repetitive looping stops. The energy gets redirected and is not feeding the event any longer. So, any unconscious protective behavior we have adopted in our current life as a consequence no longer serves us and naturally dissolves.

The point of the focus of the integration is not so much the actual story revealed in the session, but the meaning of it that fits within a particular “virtue” of consciousness. Often, we get caught up in the “scenery” or the very experience of the past life situation or want to “just see what we were in past life”. That is not a plausible motivation for scheduling a DMP session and I chose not to work with people on that account. A good reason to initiate a DMP session would be: finding yourself in a state of depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain/illness, blocked feelings, reoccurring relationship difficulties, feeling stuck in any area of life. It is proven highly effective in cases of post-traumatic and dissociative reactions to catastrophe, violence, and all forms of abuse; childhood trauma, especially working with present and past life traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.

What to expect from a session

Your first DMP session will begin with a conversation in which we will discuss your intentions for this work. We will do a brief review of your personal history and the pinnacle events of your life so far. In case you have not attended any of my past life work classes and talks I will send you a half-hour video to watch prior to the session. If questions arise, write them down and we will go over them before your session.

 Sessions take place either online (via Zoom or Skype), or in person at Indigo Collective Center in Pasadena, CA. You will be asked to lie on a mat placed on the floor for the duration of the session. Wearing comfortable clothes during the session is recommended; lots of pillows provided.


Sometimes a memory can be evoked through a body sensation. The shamans of all indigenous cultures have always known through their observation of energy that our bodies store memories. Yoga is aware of that too and the concept is explained in detail in the teachings of Ashayana Deane.


Since the DMP method does not use hypnosis, during the regression you will be conscious of your current life body environment as well as your other life context throughout the entire experience. The method utilizes the natural ability of the human consciousness to divide its focus of attention, which all of us have experienced naturally in situations like driving a car and listening to music, talking on the phone and doing chores, etc. Those natural dissociative abilities of the soul are implied in a different framework. Instead of using disassociation to forget, during the regression session it is used to bring disassociated memory back and integrate it within the wholeness of our being so we can consciously draw from its lessons.


During the session you will be guided to uncover the unprocessed/dissociated experience from the past, which are usually the cause of irrational complaints, concerns and/or believes adopted in your present life. Since these experiences are beyond the threshold of consciousness, we do not remember them. By re-experiencing the difficult moments, the psyche/soul re-aligns our subtle bodies and thus removes the blockages that impede our well-being, bringing us closed to mastering the dualities in our life in more balanced way.

Common outcomes from the sessions are: feeling of inner calm, centerdness; increased sense of self-confidence and self-acceptance; deep feeling of love, compassion and awareness; sense of attained clarity, mindfulness; self-knowledge and limitation from limiting believes and seeing the bigger picture caused by better alignment of the subtle bodies due to the regression process.

Upon completion of the regression session, you will be provided guidance with the integration process. You will also have an option to schedule an integration session with me as you deem necessary.

First regression session can last from 2 to 3.5 hours. Subsequent sessions – up to 2.5 hours.

Schedule an appointment

Regression Session in person – $ 299.00

Regression Session online (via Zoom/Skype) – $ 225.00

Post-regression integration session (via Zoom/Skype or in person)- $ 120.00


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