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About Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology can be viewed as a symbolic language or system mirroring the totality of consciousness achievable in human form (J.W. Green). Evolutionary Astrology (EA) emphasizes the evolutionary process in its potentiality as initiated by our soul and reflected in the astrological chart (life span). It validates the uniqueness of everyone’s life story; the significance and worth of every aspect of our lives with the periods of evolution or occasional involution, ultimately serving the evolution in a long run. In its healing capacity and when applied in a therapeutic/healing way, EA assists in gathering the scattered pieces of our consciousness, and facilitates their integration, which restores our wholeness, our direct connection to source and our honorable place within the totality of creation.

Life is a process, and we cannot deny its transformative function. Life circumstances initiate change within us. That inner change then triggers corresponding changes in our outer environment and vice versa. As the awareness about our personal role and participation in the co-creation of the life circumstances increases, we can assume more active initiatory role in that process as opposed to passively witnessing what happens to us.

From EA perspective the chart with its dynamics is seen as a reflection of that inner reality (psychological processes) projected onto the outer world (life events/circumstances). The nature of our past experiences (other lives/early childhood) determines our point of focus and relation to our core. That core or the bottom line in EA is indicated by the placement of Pluto in the astrological chart. It shows the base point for the current life. The evolutionary goal for the life is the Pluto Polarity point. The vehicle (Ego) through which the soul experiences life and relates to itself on a day-to-day basis, experiencing the tension between the draw of the habitual past and the promising light of the new future is expressed through the Moon placement with its South Node and North Node.

Remedios Varo, "Celestial Pablum"

The areas in the chart containing our bottom-line orientation to life and ourselves (Pluto) with the different life scenarios from the past (South Node) are the major point of focus, our identity gravitates towards in the current life. Every repeating dynamic (set of circumstances, environments, relationships, etc.) from the past constitutes familiarity for us and as such, becomes a source of security due to its predictability. As security is prerequisite for sustaining life, we tend to default to the predictable sometimes in search for protection, but many times automatically, following the path of least resistance. Although that guarantees survival, in most cases it blocks our thriving. These repetitive situations/dynamics keep our energy/consciousness stuck. Such situations can translate in various narratives in our physical reality like: “No one ever notices me”, “I cannot express myself”, “I can never have money”, etc. The specifics around the experiences that had caused stagnation in our creative expression in life could be very intricate. The common denominator is : our awareness around the issue has suffered mainly because of certain ways we had gotten entangled with the polarity principle, which has resulted in fragmentation of our consciousness/congruency.

Through a meticulous scientific approach to chart analysis, EA identifies these areas of stuckness and provides guidance on how they can be addressed, worked with, and transmuted in a very specific and practical for each individual way.  Once the full awareness in the problematic area is restored, we get out of the repetitive loop. The energy flow resumes, and we start moving through life again with confidence and joy as co-creators, no victims.

Sergey Gusarin, "Spiral of Time"

What To Expect From a Session

Your life is unique, and you know its story. I understand the astrological archetypes phenomenologically and psychologically, their meaning, logic, interplay. When you come for your session, you bring the unique story of your life and I assist you with finding a large frame of reference, meaning and resolution to your predicament. We focus our attention on the goal and work together. In that way the consultation is not a monologue on my part, but an engaged discussion.

 We will start with identifying what has been happening in your life at this time and what made you initiate the consultation. We will review the situation from the perspective of past, present, future and identify the underlying dynamic that holds the situation or the pattern together in your reality at this time and for what reason. What is it that calls for change and how that change can happen so that you find yourself in a better reality as you continue your life journey.  We will examine certain memories or imagery that may appear during the session and integrate their message in the process.  We will also spend time re-membering your resources for initiating change, the specifics of its implementation and maintaining of its course.

At the end of the consultation, you will receive guidance regarding how to utilize and ground the new information; how to work with supporting energies (transits and progressions); and strategies to imply when faced with challenging and favorable circumstances as the life constant flow of polarities goes on.

Schedule an Appointment

In Depth Consultation: 90 to 120 min – $ 195.00

Follow up Consultation or Solar Return Consultation: 60 min – $ 155.00

Brief Consultation:   30 min – $ 60.00

Couple’s Dynamics Consultation (partners; parent-child; friends): 90 to 120 min – $255.00

Should you have any questions, please contact me at: kameliya@talesoftheheart.net