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Expanding Consciousness as a Gift to Soul

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Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology can be viewed as a symbolic language or system mirroring the totality of consciousness achievable in human form (J.W. Green). Evolutionary Astrology (EA) emphasizes the evolutionary process in its potentiality as initiated by our soul and reflected in the astrological chart (life span).

Imagery and Dreamwork

No image or a dream of ours is ever obsolete. Whether it has crossed the threshold of consciousness or is still in the “waiting room” priming as a subliminal stimulus before fully manifesting within our boundaries of perception, it is a vital part of our soul (psyche). What is more: the soul is the primary generator of the image/dream. It has a vested interest in us grasping the meaning and integrating it into consciousness which ultimately enhances the quality of our lives and the integrity of our deeds.


Any soul healing in its essence is a spiritual healing. If we examine what we call “spirit”, we will find out that spiritual healing aims at re-establishing our true direct connection with the Source of creation, which we have the tendency to call God. Naturally, that revived connection restores the energy flow between us. That triggers changes in our lives to accommodate this re-generation (energy flow) back into our daily living.

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My Name is Kameliya

in this life and in this reality, that we share together as you were able to come across Tales of the Heart.

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I am a certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Regression Therapist currently residing in Pasadena, California.


The services I provide are: Evolutionary Astrology consultation sessions, Regression sessions (past/present life) and Imagery/Dream work online (via Zoom, Skype) or in person if you happen to be in Pasadena or near about.


Whether you are curious about an aspect of a healing modality, have a comment/feedback, or for general inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me. Please allow 24-48 hours for response.