imagery and dreamwork


No image or a dream of ours is ever obsolete. Whether it has crossed the threshold of consciousness or is still in the “waiting room” priming as a subliminal stimulus before fully manifesting within our boundaries of perception, it is a vital part of our soul (psyche). What is more: the soul is the primary generator of the image/dream. It has a vested interest in us grasping the meaning and integrating it into consciousness which ultimately enhances the quality of our lives and the integrity of our deeds.

As B. Schermer points out, imagery has been used in healing since the first shamans appeared in early tribal societies. Dream temples were established because ancients knew visions and dreams contained seeds of knowledge about the emotional, physical and the spiritual worlds. Yet, we lost that knowledge. By imposing their rules different societal institutions interfered with our inner direct experience of the soul. Its language spoke no more to us.

Consensus culture refers to imagery and dreaming as non-important in general. Imagination is not revered. Common expressions such as: “it’s JUST a dream”; “JUST an image in my head” are considered “normal”. But if we keep asking further: “what is a dream?”; “where is it coming from?”, “why the particular content?”, we can almost see how that “just” part of the previous sentences gets suspended in thin air, ironically, much like it could happen in a dream. There is simply no satisfying answer, not one coming from science either. Even the famous Einstein’s saying that imagination is more important than knowledge and Kekule’s daydreaming of ouroboros (his inspiration for uncovering the structure of benzine) are pushed to the fringes of our cultural awareness. We are not encouraged to pay attention to our inner worlds.

Vladimir Kush, "Horn of Babel"

Majority of languages we use today are so elusive. In our earliest life when our channels of perception are vastly open, we lack the ability to speak out what we perceive. Later, the vocabulary we inherit from our parents fails as a reliable tool of matching perceptions/feelings/emotions with the proper expression. The school system is not of much help in that respect either, and as a result not too slowly, but gradually for sure we lose the ability to perceive and be aware of the content emerging from our depths.

After the dark ages, where inner exploration was met with severe punishment, it was the psychologists (attendants of the soul) who began recovering the value of that knowledge.  C. G. Jung speaks about dreams as “the speech” of his soul. Red Book, pg 233. He says, “I must carry [the dreams] in my heart, and go back and forth over them in my mind, like the words of the person dearest to me”. He talks about loving his dreams and making “their riddling images into objects of [his] daily consideration”.

Vladimir Kush, "Visions of Whimsy"

And according to recent neurological studies (Wolfram Nagel, 2016 Implicit perception and neurodesign) “people consciously process only a small fraction (0.0004%) of the information that is collected by their sensory organs [and] subconsciously evaluate the rest. […] We can only consciously perceive language and text. Patterns and photos are recognized faster than written words”.

Thus, we have come a full circle. Our dreams and images from daily life are the language of our soul. Through the exploration of their meaning we expand our understanding of life, receive insights onto certain situations we find ourselves in and heal certain aspects of ourselves which ultimately brings sense of wholeness and satisfaction in our lives.


 Whether we are inundated with a particular image, having recurrent dream or dreams with uncomfortable content, there is a jewel in their messages that could be retrieved. And once we get the message, our life improves, and the sender is at piece.   

What to expect from Working with Images/Dreams in private or a Dreams Circle session

Bring the image/ dream/ vision you want to work on and understand/resolve/integrate to the session. You may choose one that has been showing to you recently, or one from the past, where you were not able to grasp its meaning. Your session will begin with me asking you to sit down comfortably, in a quite setting, close your eyes, and focus on the image or the events in the dream. I will guide you to explore the imagery in a safe space through intuition, story and play so that the meaning reveals itself in a unique for your soul way. The closing part of our session will be focused on integrating the experience and it’s meaning into your life circumstance.


The Imagery/Dream work can help you realize:


 What’s the personal message of an image?

 What does this dream of mine mean?

 Why it is coming to me now?

 Why it presenting itself in that particular content?


Schedule a session

Private session – 90 -120 min – $225.00  available online (Zoom or Skype) or in person (at Indigo Collective Pasadena, CA)

Group session Dream Circle (up to 4 participants) – 90-120 min – $ 250.00  (the group meets at Indigo Collective Pasadena, CA)


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