about me

My name is Kameliya,

in this life and in this reality, that we share together as you were able to come across TALES OF THE HEART.

Warm Welcome!

I am a certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Regression Therapist currently residing in Pasadena, California.


The services I provide are: Evolutionary Astrology consultation sessions,  Regression sessions (past/present life) and Imagery/Dream work  online (via Zoom, Skype) or in person if you happen to be in Pasadena or near about.


I believe that every healing, if done the right way, is to bring us freedom; a sense of liberation to live our lives with  spontaneity and authenticity, stemming from the core of our being so that the life becomes a  living breathing  creative expression of our own unique self.  Sometimes the stumbling blocks to that expression are easy to find, sometimes not at all if deeply buried within us, or other versions of ourselves, or “simply” projected onto our environment.  This is where the healing work comes in.

It requires commitment and participation on your part, as well as mine, for the creation of a safe space in which the exploration can take place. You bring your life to the circle, I bring my craft . And both are needed for effective  change to be generated.

In my work I also utilize my extensive studies and experiences in the field of depth psychology and phenomenological psychology, and art.  I’ll  have to add, I also draw from almost half of a century committed relationship with life itself, generously throwing on my path: hard knocks and gentle knocks, trickster whims and loving caresses:) . But I am sure, that last part we all share.

 Joseph Campbell said once that there is more truth to a myth than to a history…

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