The Myth

As a little girl she was captivated by the character of Cindarella’s fairy godmother from her book, illustrated by the great Italian artist Libico Maraya. One afternoon, at the age of 8 she found herself so inspired by the arts and crafts class at school, she decided she will make herself a wizard’s hat.

With the image of the fairy godmother from the book in mind, she crafted a beautiful tall pointed purple hat showered with moons, stars, suns, and planets, with sparkling garlands cascading from the pointed top. Yes! That is what she wanted to be: a fairy – helping people in a “magical” way (a wave with the wand and the work is done) – a master of realities. Of course, she produced a wand as well.

Then she grew up and the journey began.


As a curious and inquisitive () truth seeker, with a taste for intensity and bottom line () when the information value and personal resonance with it on a visceral level (2H) was concerned (☽ ☋ in 9H ; ☿ Rx in 2H ), she traveled “long and winding roads” (9H) searching. She loved the roads. Or maybe the roads loved her… Getting lost at times was not too scary. What other way to reach places never seen before, where the world is experienced in new ways?! At times she realized she ran in circles – exactly mirroring the circles she would find in “the windmills of her mind”. And once the realization would crystalize from it’s primal amorphic state, the circles would disappear like shiny bubbles bursting in the air.


As the mind cleared, she was able to notice more details around: a tiniest crumb, most charming hidden jewel, a drop of water on a leaf, a miniature seed on the ground and she was able to grasp their meaning. She dreamed a dream in which small elements started intertwining, connecting, and clustering together. The clusters grew big, but then began fighting for supremacy, for power, and then – for imposition of truth, the most dangerous way to control perception. And the consciousness shrunk, and the details were no more. And whole worlds disappeared as their existences was not recognized by the small elements the whole consisted of. And the elements turned into amorphic mass. She woke up in tears. The night was dark, but gentle. The Moon was smiling, the stars were sparkling, and the tall pine trees were keeping the wind away. As she laid on the think grass embraced by the purple night, calmed down, staring at the star of Alcion, a knowledge crawled out from within her being: “Truth can only spring from inside, not from outside”!



In different lands and times, she explored venues tapping into the human soul through various therapeutic languages and expressions of art, searching for the right key/wand. She found the most direct, natural, and sincere path to unlocking the soul’s strength, memory, and potentials past life regression, evolutionary astrology, dream work, accompanied by various expressions of art. She is using these tools helping people navigate their own journeys as her own one continues.



Kameliya Simeonova, MSW, MA